RC-Thoughts is all about radio-controlled models, radio-systems and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti transmitters since all this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet. Most recently Lua-apps (RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools) and DIY-sensors seem to be very popular :)

Latest on RC-Thoughts

  • I Need Your Help! 22.10.2017
    After releasing LiPo Watcher I got several questions to make it support LiFe and/or Li-Ion too. Code is ready! Already wrote the code for this, and it works: But there's a catch here. I need Your help! I need to…

  • LiPo Watcher Released! 22.10.2017
    I don't know what you guys have been reading but there's been several request's all of the sudden for this kind of app in the past few days. So it was time to write it! Introducing LiPo Watcher! Not everyone…

  • Big update for Lua Telemetry-Percentage 21.10.2017
    After a user sent me a great idea for possibility to use receiver voltages as sensors for Telemetry Value To Percentage I quickly discovered that there's some more work to do. One of the first Lua-apps I made This is…

  • Lua-app FuelDisplay updated 19.10.2017
    Small but annoying bug in FuelDisplay is now fixed. The symptom When model was selected (or transmitter started) the app announced a warning of fuel remaining being under set alarm-value. Quite annoying. The fix App now checks for valid sensor…

  • Paypal has DNS-issues – No donations possible UPDATED 16.10.2017
    Problem? UPDATED! Unfortunately Paypal has some nameserver-issues that makes donations impossible at the moment. Some info on the issue can be found here. Thanks to Mathieu for the tip! I get so few donations so it's better be fixed soon,…

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Please note: I do have opinions in my writings. Opinions and speculations are what make this kind of sites fun and different to read. Remember that some of opinions are not always same what mainstream thinks :)

If you find something that is not working or is behaving strangely please let me know. Be safe and enjoy a great hobby!