RC-Thoughts is all about radio-controlled models, radio-systems and almost anything surrounding them.  For some reason there’s mostly programming information regarding Jeti transmitters since all this started from an idea to preserve and simplify finding of various guides found on internet. Most recently Lua-apps (RC-Thoughts Jeti Tools) and DIY-sensors seem to be very popular :)

Latest on RC-Thoughts

  • Jeti G-Force Sensor is updated 19.08.2017
    The Jeti G-Force Sensor here is updated to v.1.3. Changes Removed pitch/Roll angles. Does not work in real life, may come back to this at some point. Added possibility of raw or filtered values Added posibility to shoe values with…

  • Jet World Masters – Opening Day 13.08.2017
    RC-Jets been flying all week their practicing flights for the competition, and now the time for practice is over. Today was the official opening day with a flight-show with all bells and whistles. RC-Jet competition flights and static judging begins…

  • Jet World Masters 2017 – Preview II 11.08.2017
    Took a quick visit to Jämijärvi today, also trying to get familiar with the loaner-camera, not easy job... Anyway, no extra text, five pics :)

  • Jet World Masters – Preview 08.08.2017
    Jet World Masters are this year held in Jämijärvi, Finland. Called "Jämi", Jämijärvi is just ~80km from Tampere where I live so I'm lucky to have the possibility to visit the venue quite easily. Teams still arriving The arriving of…

  • Jeti VarioMeter updated 07.08.2017
    A small update to Jeti VarioMeter: Modifications Altitude redefined Separate values for absolute altitude and relative altitude Naming of altitudes makes Jeti now announce right sensor-type when using telemetry announcement I also found a small error in the new library…

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